International schools within the Middle East and Asia bring a multitude of challenges and rewards.

BBD Education has extensive experience within the Middle East of managing all aspects of schools, ranging from the finance, operations and marketing to quality assurance of the curriculum, continuing professional learning and the recruitment of teachers.

Our team has successfully managed schools within the Middle East and has developed contextual solutions to the challenges of working within a rapidly evolving sector. As the region continues to grow, schools must have local solutions that satisfy parental demands.

Because of the experience our staff have in managing schools and in preparing new start-ups, we understand :

a. The challenges that international schools face;

b. The different perspectives of owners, investors, leaders, teachers, support staff, parents and students; and

c. The solutions that work in: achieving educational quality, financial planning, design, construction, Infrastructure and technology, governance, leadership and management, marketing, enrolment, HR and recruitment, professional development, quality assurance, and key services such as premises management, transport and catering.


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