Manage your Talent

A school depends first and foremost on its staff.

Great teaching staff will lead to great student outcomes. Good support staff will provide all-round service excellence. Strong leadership and teamwork skills then provide the cement that ensures growth, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Schools within the MENA region need specialist HR support to open a school with the right staff, in place on the right day, with the right skills, and in the right frame-of-mind. This is one of BBD Education’s significant strengths.

BBD provides an integrated package of support for school start-ups. The service begins with a quick but essential strategic review of the school’s vision and proportion for parents. From that starting point as a workshop, BBD draws on leading edge solutions and research to provide:

Contract templates

A choice of contract templates

A statement of terms and conditions Salary and remuneration guidelines

A salary scale that suits the school

Remuneration rules – that determine how individuals qualify for promotion and for rewards

Recruitment and search

Leadership search ‘in a box’ – We find the right Principal and leadership team to match your needs

Leacher recruitment ‘in a box’ – We provide the job specification, preparation of prospectus, advertising, shortlisting, interview, selection

….under the guidance of a team that has recruited teachers to the region for more than 15 years

Policies, documents and guidelines

We provide templates and communications to support the search/recruitment processes (calls to interview, job offers, etc)

We can help you develop your staff prospectus to go to prospective staff prior to interview

We can give you access to more than 2000 teacher CVs and to more than 15000 international teachers through social media channels

We can show you sample School Handbooks

Quality assurance and staff management

We can provide you with performance management systems

We provide sample disciplinary and grievance policies

Guidance for establishing your HR office

We provide guidelines on staffing your own HR office

We provide guidelines on building good staff records


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