BBD Education has excellent financial tools

Tools for planning and benchmarking – that have been honed through use in different countries and many different market segments.

Where competitors have to build their models on rough and ready data, we have up-to-date market intelligence and can model detailed P&L outlooks across a 20-year period if required, ensuring the right return on a high capital outlay.

The things we value are:

The power of professional expertise – not in just one area of a school’s operations but in every area, from the curriculum and academics to the design and physical facilities

The importance of people – after all, education is a “People Business” and schools work best when the approaches they adopt both respect and engage all the stakeholders, especially students and their parents

The use of best practices to improve schools – we are constantly looking into leading edge practices, so we can give our clients a competitive advantage

The importance of viable and sustainable solutions – we believe that value-for-money and financial viability are essential factors in running schools, because these provide the foundation for enduring quality

A culture of continuous improvement – schools are constantly changing and need to keep improving so that all students can realise their potential

A rounded education that brings breadth and depth to what students learn – the pursuit of great qualifications needs to run alongside a concern for character development and an interest in out door education, to build individual strengths and embed resilience.


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