Expert communication development for international schools

Schools in Dubai doubled their total marketing spend last year. One school increased its budget by five times in 2016, compared with 2015.

As the Dubai school landscape becomes even more competitive, schools are fighting to attract the same students. The way forward involves a choice: schools can continue to spend and spend, as they fight to stay in the game, or they can pause, take a swift and searching look at what they offer, and realign behind a much more targeted marketing strategy.

We can show you the strategy that’s right for you.

Schools are spending a significant amount of money on outdoor advertising, radio and newspapers and this is set to continue. The need for a distinctive message that reaches specific audiences has become a priority for all schools in the region. We review your brand, your messages, your channels and your impact.

We can sharpen that message and align your brand so that your budget works more effectively for you. We can help you choose the right channels so that your marketing has the biggest impact.

You finish with a renewed approach to your marketing budget so that strategy is more focussed and more impactful.

We work with investors, developers, regulators, school owners, school leaders and teachers to provide solutions and to build capacity among stakeholders. Our experience with international schools within the region means that we know what works locally.


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