We’ll find the best talent globally because we know what works locally

International schools depend on the expertise and experience of their senior leaders.

School leadership within the Middle East is a challenging and rewarding prospect. The skill set required to be a successful senior leader in the region means that talent has to be sourced very carefully to ensure that the right people are leading from the front. The role of a senior leader in the Middle East is constantly evolving and BBD Education has the expertise appoint, proven senior leaders who will thrive within the international environment.

Our global network of senior leaders have been successful because we have matched their talents to the right schools. We are able to source exceptional talent both locally and internationally and ensure they match our clients’ needs. Our team has appointed senior leaders for start-up projects that require a different type of leader from the outset.

We know the profile of a successful start-up leader because we have opened and managed international schools in the region. We have also appointed numerous senior leaders to established schools whose needs are evolving as the market becomes more competitive.


To learn more about how we can support your senior leadership recruitment needs, contact: recruitment@bbd.ae