Teachers have to learn too

Throughout my career as a teacher and education leader, I have been trying to understand teachers’ training better, because you would think that the profession would be good at it;

Attracting more teachers to the profession

Teacher recruitment in the UK is at a crisis point. I have joined with a group of colleagues to launch an INTERN programme for schools in the UK, largely because

The idea of ‘deep schooling’

In one of my favourite reports on teaching and learning – the distinguished 2000 study of cognitive science published by John Bransford (et al.) for the US National Research Council, titled

How about better Parents?

The international assessments undertaken regularly by PISA reveal just as much as they do about Parents’ role in student success as about the role of Schools. Andreas Schleisser explains, “just

Age of the Teacher

I have called this, the Age of the Teacher because there has never been a better time to enter the profession. That fact is not recognised by many commentators. It’s