University challenge

Marcel joined me in running a set of strategy workshops last week, in Cairo and Upper Egypt. We are finding that we are being asked to provide more and more

Find their Strengths

A very powerful way to change the conversation with students and parents is to introduce a dialogue about Strengths into your school. There are useful (and free) questionnaires on the

Singapore success

Our friends and clients at SOBHA Group have pulled off a great achievement by partnering with North London Collegiate School, in London, to win the open competition for a new

Educators International

Just caught up with Educators International and the incredible work that has been done this year by Michael Stark, Sue Hackman and others to launch mobile content and teacher training

How about better Parents?

The international assessments undertaken regularly by PISA reveal just as much as they do about Parents’ role in student success as about the role of Schools. Andreas Schleisser explains, “just

Enterprise pays…

One of my great interests is Enterprise Education. It is important to make it authentic and at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, we have been pioneering approaches that mean students

The important science of Happiness

This is definitely the best book I have read on Education in the last decade. And it’s not an education book per se: ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’. Jonathan Haidt introduces his readers

Age of the Teacher

I have called this, the Age of the Teacher because there has never been a better time to enter the profession. That fact is not recognised by many commentators. It’s

Third Culture Schools

My new piece, co-written with my friends at the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA) in the UK, takes a look at the rapidly expanding world of international schools. Long

Words for Life

Talking to your children each night at mealtimes boosts their performance at school. In several countries, governments try to boost their schools’ results by giving advice to parents on what