Game Changer in the GCC

Last week saw the launch in Dubai of a branch of North London Collegiate School or NLCS Dubai. The school’s name may not have carried as far around the world as that

Teachers have to learn too

Throughout my career as a teacher and education leader, I have been trying to understand teachers’ training better, because you would think that the profession would be good at it;

Attracting more teachers to the profession

Teacher recruitment in the UK is at a crisis point. I have joined with a group of colleagues to launch an INTERN programme for schools in the UK, largely because

The idea of ‘deep schooling’

In one of my favourite reports on teaching and learning – the distinguished 2000 study of cognitive science published by John Bransford (et al.) for the US National Research Council, titled

More opportunity in Qatar

For us, Qatar had been quiet through 2012 and 2013 but it is now one of our busier venues. First, we won three school licences for clients in Lusail City. Now

Three out of three

Doha is growing at a rapid rate and international schools are high in demand. Good news for our credibility as school planners. We hear from Lusail City in Qatar that

In Istanbul for the Conference season

Turkey is one of the busiest places for entrepreneurs and investors in schools. Today I am at the event, Educashow, organised brilliantly by my friends at Boyut. Here is the link

Happy New Year 2016

We produced a new year newsletter for our BBD friends in the Middle East and suddenly realised how much progress has been made by all our friends and clients. New schools opened,

A Matter of Principals

This last week has been all about Principals. I have several great friends who are making their way in international education as school leaders and they have fantastic stories to

Al Diyafah: ‘shine a light’

Off to Dubai tomorrow, to open the sixth form centre at Al Diyafah High School. The new facility is dedicated to the Mother, sadly deceased, of the family who own