BBD education school management
In a word, we bring expertise.

BBD Education manages international schools. We support all aspects of school operations with tried and tested strategies.

bbd education school start up
Getting you open on time.

BBD Education has managed multiple school openings. We can navigate the regulatory approvals and get the school open on time.

bbd education school hr services
Manage your talent.

A school depends first and foremost on its staff. Great teaching staff will lead to great student outcomes. Good support staff will provide all-round service excellence.

bbd education investment planning
Expert guidance for investors, fund-raisers, buyers and sellers.

Our team members have been engaged by individual and family investors, investment banks and private equity players in many of the biggest deals, globally, over the last three years.


BBD Education is an education management company and consultancy that supports, advises and guides investors, developers, school operators, school leaders and regulators in the Middle East. We operate in Egypt, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.Our head office is in Academic City, Dubai.



BBD Education was founded in 2012 and provides comprehensive services in School Start-up, HR Development and Staff Recruitment in the Middle East

BBD Education was founded in 2012 to provide comprehensive services to new schools in the Middle East. Since 2012, we have worked with developers, investors, school operators, school leaders and regulators to provide tailored solutions to the challenges within the region.

Our head office is in Dubai but since 2012, we have worked in Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, KSA and Oman. Our experience with international schools within the region means that we know what works locally.


  • BBD Education provides an Executive Search service to help developers and schools – as well as education businesses – to find that special leader you need.   /// Executive Search

  • BBD Education provides Teacher Recruitment services based on its hundreds of live CVs, from high quality staff looking for great international opportunities   /// Recruitment

  • BBD Education has a 100% track record in winning school licences and is currently engaged in getting new schools up and running in the Middle East.
    /// School Start-ups

  • BBD Education provides the management services a school needs – either as a comprehensive package to ensure school quality and viability or in specific services, such as HR.
    /// School Management and HR

  • BBD comes with an education philosophy – we like our schools to be “better, broader and deeper” and we can advise on all the quality enhancements a school needs to take it into the top rank.
    /// School Improvement and Quality


BBD Education has expertise across all aspects of international education. Our team has developed leading edge solutions for the management of international schools.

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Owner and Chairman of BBD Education
Ralph Tabberer is an expert educator with more than 35 years experience in the school sector, in higher education and in government. He was Director General of Schools in England between 2006 and 2009, a post in which he was responsible to PM Tony Blair for the development and performance of 23,000 primary, secondary and special schools in the UK.
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Chief Executive of BBD Education
Shaun Robison is an entrepreneurial, senior education leader who has delivered a range of projects in the Middle East. Shaun has worked with investors, operating companies, consultants, teachers and government regulators to plan, license and deliver start-up projects with large Cap-Ex requirements.
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HR Consultant for BBD Education
Luette Robertson is a dynamic, efficient and experienced HR professional who has managed people in various organisations in both the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Before joining BBD Education, Luette was the HR Manager at Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai. Luette was part of the core pre-operations team and managed the launch of the HR department
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Operations Manager for BBD Education Schools
Susanne is an experienced project manager and process improvement specialist with over 19 years of experience in a large international company. Experienced in leading teams in a structured and open environment. Practical and flexible in the application of project management and quality methods.
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Project Leader for BBD Education
Servatius Palmans is a Project Leader for BBD Education. Servatius is a senior management professional with 25 years of experience across diverse organizational domains of education, hospitality , sports, and event rentals in the Middle East and Europe. EFQM – Qualified Excellence Assessor, Graduate Charter of Certified Risk Management (CRM) and Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
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Videographer for BBD Education
Jo Dorrel is BBD’s expert videographer. Jo works with school marketing departments to ensure that their message is accurately captured and presented for their desired marketing channels. We have produced high quality videos for the likes of Nord Anglia International School, Hartland International School, IDEA Early Learning and Diverse Choreography. Video for social media has changed and specific angles, and edits needs to be manipulated for social media audiences.
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Social Media Consultant
Anthony has managed numerous social media campaigns for schools. Multi-skilled in marketing, staff training and social media, he is adept at creating solutions. Having owned call centres to coffee shops to social media agencies, the vast knowledge he has accumulated throughout these wide and varied industries has given him an advantage when it comes to developing marketing strategies for business.

In a word,
we bring expertise.

In a word, we bring expertise. International education is growing rapidly and the sector is bringing together schools, developers, investors and governments in new partnerships. What we offer is comprehensive educational, financial and operational guidance from highly-regarded global experts.

At BBD Education, we bring expertise that is grounded in experience of opening and managing schools in the region. We have worked with regulators to get approvals in place; we have worked with construction companies to ensure school buildings are ready on time; we have worked with investors to financial model schools; we have worked with school leaders to ensure academic success; we have designed governance structures to match the needs of emerging school models; we have designed marketing strategies for schools that are competing in challenging markets, we have recruited teachers for start-up and existing schools to ensure that schools are staffed in time for the new year. We have not only worked across the spectrum, we have thrived in all aspects of the business.

Teachers in our network.
50 % increase in school advertising
Schools opened in the last 7 years.



BBD Education offers a range of services. Our core business is managing schools. We have worked in every aspect of the business and we know how to create successful, academic schools fit for purpose in the Middle East. We also manage school startups and we have successfully opened tens of schools in the region. We also offer a range of managed services, from HR and recruitment to marketing and communications. All of our services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Doha, Cairo, Bahrain, KSA, Oman and Kuwait.




The business side of International Education has evolved very quickly. Our team members have been engaged by individual and family investors, investment banks and private equity players in many of the biggest deals, globally, over the last three years.


  • In 2012-2013, we helped a Middle Eastern investment bank to devise its blended strategy for greenfield developments and school acquisitions over a seven year outlook. Planned investment to exceed 100m US dollars.

  • In 2014, we advised on the acquisition of a school operator in the US and GCC, by one of the largest school companies in the world. Deal value exceeding 50m US dollars.

  • In 2014, we advised investors who were successful in buying into the largest school operator in the Middle East. Deal value exceeding 500m US dollars.

  • In 2014, we were asked by investors to support their acquisition of a large school group in North Africa. Deal value exceeding 100m US dollars.

  • In 2015, we have been asked by investors to support their acquisition of a single school in North Africa. Deal value exceeding 20m US dollars.

  • In 2015, we have been asked by investors to support their acquisition of a University Group in North Africa. Deal value exceeding 100m US dollars


Examples from the recent work of BBD Education and INK Education Worldwide teams.


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